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Amid challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and rising demand for quality vaccination programs, Sea Lion Group established CLL with the mission to provide safe and quality immunisation services for anyone who wishes to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19 and the burden of other vaccine-preventable diseases.  


We store, monitor, and transport vaccines with care and responsibility at every step to maximize the efficacy of the vaccination. Designed with your health and safety in mind at every stage of your vaccination journey, CLL Immunisation Centre is fully equipped to minimize any risk of infection and to manage any potentially adverse reactions following vaccination.


Advised by the Immunisation Technical Expert Panel and led by a team of dedicated staff with diverse skill sets and professional experience in healthcare, hospitality, construction and infrastructure management, and cold chain management, CLL assures you of your convenience and safety before, during, and after the administration of your vaccination.

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CLL Immunisation Centre is operated by Care for Life and Longevity (CLL) Co Ltd, a new member of Sea Lion Group. Sea Lion is a key player in the emerging Myanmar private healthcare sector, partnering with renowned global and regional brands including GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Abbott, BD, Festo, IBM, and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC (BDMS) in healthcare, vocational education, industrial automation, and information technologies. Sea Lion carries a wide range of quality healthcare products and services managed by a team of competent professionals, and has been relentlessly improving quality of care by enhancing effective utilization of advanced medical technologies and providing integrated logistic services for healthcare products, clinical laboratory services, multi-speciality medical services, and overseas medical referral assistance.

Members of Sea Lion Group: Sea Lion Co Ltd, Sirius Logistics and Distribution Solutions (SLDS) Co Ltd, Sea Lion Civil Tech Consulting (SCC) Co Ltd, N Health Myanmar Laboratory, OEC Specialty Clinic, AryuThukha Multi-Specialty Clinic, Bahosi Fertility Centre, and Sea Lion Medical Travel constitute a diverse portfolio of quality healthcare products and services in Myanmar.


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